Trick the odds and have a guaranteed win!
Lachnos 6 ball Lotto software
Here's an example of how it works... using a cover set of 16 numbers:
A 16-number reduced system only needs 9 Lotto entries (£9)
It shrinks the 8008 lines you need for a full expansion to just 9!
If the Lotto numbers are drawn out of your chosen 16, you have a guaranteed win!
- although the odds for winning a Jackpot are still low.
System picture
The Lachnos system allows you to choose a cover set of between 9 and 23 numbers.
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lachnos winning lotto system

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A bit of background...

I don't know about you but I find the prospect of a 1 in 14 million chance to win the Lotto jackpot daunting to say the least (6/49 Lotto).

I have been playing the UK National Lottery (or Lotto is it is now called) since it started in 1994. I dare not think how much money I have spent in pursuit of a jackpot that always eluded me!

About four years ago, it finally came to me! I was playing without a Lotto winning system, wasting money on multiple lines that were not related with one another. It might have been birthdays, random numbers or frequently drawn numbers but I had not been making an effort to make them work with each other.

The other Eureka moment was when I finally realised that going for the 'Big One' and simply not getting it was really a mug's game. I would focus on regular, small wins that have much better odds than nearly 1 to 14,000,000

The odds for all 6-out-of-49 games are:

3 numbers 56 to 1
4 numbers 1,031 to 1
5 numbers 55,490 to 1
5 numbers and bonus ball 2,330,635 to 1
6 numbers 13,983,816 to 1

I decided that I would use my programming skills to analyse the winning patterns and come up with the smallest possible number of 6-number lines (also known as 'games' in some countries) that virtually guarantees a 3, 4 or 5 win. The outcome is a 'reduced lotto system' that makes winning the Lotto systematic and cost-effective.

The first thing you need to do is decide how many numbers you want to cover with your lines. 

What about choosing 10 numbers - perhaps the 10 most frequently drawn over the last 12 months?

Let's choose the following:


How many lines do we need to play to cover all 10 numbers for a guaranteed win? The answer is just 2. We would need 210 lines to guarantee the Jackpot:


Let's try a few pretend Lotto draws again, based on the 2 coupons we played:

13,20,26,36,44,47 => 4-win PLUS 3-win
14,20,35,36,45,47 => 4-win PLUS 3-win

These examples are meant to demonstrate the idea of finding the smallest number of lines to play, from a set of chosen numbers, so that if the 6 winning numbers are drawn from that set you have a guaranteed win.


Imagine then what Lachnos 6/X Lotto can do for you, since it contains all the mathematical algorithms to generate these reduced systems to cover from 9 to 23 numbers. Yes, you can cover 23 out of the 49 numbers, nearly 50%, for the relatively modest cost of 77 lines!

The latest version supports all 6-ball Lotteries from 6 / 35 to 6 / 60, so a better name for it is  Lachnos 6/X Lotto !

And that's not all! Lachnos 6/X Lotto has several options to help you increase the odds for 4 or 5 wins, at the cost of course of more lines. What you see below is a screenshot that shows how a Boost Level of 1 on a set of 12 numbers, not only guarantees a 4-win but can do a lot better too:


Summary of features
New Product!! For All 6-Ball Lotteries
Here is an another, turbo-boosted, example:

16-number, turbo-boosted reduced Lotto system only needs 17 Lotto entries (£17 in the UK)

It shrinks the 8008 lines you need for a full expansion to just 17! Can you choose the 'right' 16 numbers out of 49?

If the Lotto numbers are drawn out of your chosen 16, you have a guaranteed win, although the odds for a Jackpot are still low!

It works with all 6 ball Lottery games, from 6/35 to 6/60, including 6/49 as played in the UK, Canada, USA, Spain, Germany, Romania, Greece etc.

Please Note: All 6 balls must be drawn from the same pool of numbers, like 1 to 49 or 1 to 55 etc.

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lachnos winning lotto system

For further enquiries about Lachnos 6/X Lotto, please email Sales

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Lachnos 6/X Lotto works with all 6 ball Lotto Games
Delaware Multi-Win Lotto 6/35 Canada Lottery Jour de paye 6/36
Jamaica Lottery 6/37 Israel New Lotto 6/37
Australia Pools 6/38 Irish Monday Million Lottery 6/39
Wisconsin SuperCash Lotto 6/39 Mauritius Loto Loterie Nationale 6/40
New Zealand Lotto 6/40 New York Sweet Million 6/40
Louisiana Lotto 6/40 Ghana Lotto 6/40
Colorado Lotto 6/42 Lebanon Loto Libanais 6/42
MegaBucks Tri-State 6/42 Philippines Luzon and Vismin Lotto 6/42
Sports Toto Malaysia 6/42 Virginia Lottery Win for Life 6/42
Maryland Multi-Match Lotto 6/43 Arizona Lottery Pick 6/44
Connecticut Classic Lotto 6/44 Missouri Lotto 6/44
Australia Tatts Lotto Saturday 6/45 Australia Gold Lotto 6/45
Austria Lotto 6/45 Belgium Lottery 6/45
Canada Lottario 6/45 Colombia BaLoto 6/45
Croatia Lotto 6/45 Irish Lottery 6/45
Irish Lottery Lotto Plus 1 6/45 Irish Lottery Lotto Plus 2 6/45
Philippines Lottery Mega Lotto 6/45 Singapore Toto Pools 6/45
South Korea Lotto 6/45 Swiss Lotto 6/45
Cash Winfall 6/46 Decade of Dollars Lottery 6/47
Michigan Lottery Classic Lotto 6/47 Indiana Hoosier Lotto 6/48
Oregon Megabucks 6/48 Viking Lotto Scandinavia 6/48
Canada BC49 Lotto 6/49 Canada Lotto 6/49
Canada Ontario Lottery 6/49 Canada Quebec Lotto 6/49
Canada Western Lotto 6/49 French Lottery 6/49
Germany Lotto 6/49 Greek Lottery - Lotto 6/49
Hong Kong Jockey Club Mark 6/49 India Super Lotto PlayWin Saturday 6/49
Mass Megabucks Lotto 6/49 New Jersey Pick Lotto 6/49
Ohio Super Lotto Plus 6/49 Philippines Lottery Super Lotto 6/49
Plus Lotto Golotto 6/49 Polish Lotto Duzy Lotek 6/49
Portugal Loteria Loto2 6/49 Portugal Loto 6/49
Romana Loteria Romanian Lottery 6/49 South Africa 6/49
South Africa Lotto Plus 6/49 Spain / La Primitiva 6/49
Sports Super Toto Malaysia 6/49 Taiwan Big Lotto Lucky Number 6/49
Turkey Lotto 6/49 UK National Lotto 6/49
UK Vernons 6/49 Washington Lottery 6/49
Wisconsin MegaBucks Lottery 6/49 Brazil Dupla Sena Loterias 6/50
New Zealand Big Wednesday Lotto 6/50 Sports Mega Toto Malaysia 6/52
Illinois Lotto 6/52 Florida Lotto 6/53
Texas Lotto 6/54 Turkey Milli Piyango Super Loto 6/54
Mexico Revancha Lottery 6/56 Mexico Melate Lotto 6/56
New York Lotto 6/59 Brazil Megasena 6/60
How many tickets do you need to guarantee a win?
Numbers to cover Number of tickets for
Target Win
3 4 5
9 1 3 8
10 2 5 18
11 2 11 34
12 4 10 68
13 4 23 116
14 7 23 203
15 7 31 315
16 9 53 504
17 14 75 588
18 20 104 756
19 28 125 988
20 30 154 1336
21 26 196 1800
22 77 248 2437
23 77 299 3249
How to use this table:

If you want to play 16 numbers, for example, you find '16' on the left hand column.

Then you decide what guaranteed outcome you want to go for (3, 4 or 5). Let's say, you want to go for '3'.

Under 'Number of tickets for Target Win, you pick the column headed '3' and then pick up the number that corresponds to '16' on the left hand column.

We have highlighted the answer, which is '9'. Lachnos will of course do this automatically for you, produce the best 9 tickets and show you the winning probabilities:

6-wins: 0.11 %
5-wins: 6.74 %
4-wins: 61.08 %
3-wins: 95.65 %
0 no wins out of 8008 or 0.00 %

The last line is important - It says that there is 100% chance of a win if the 6 numbers drawn are amongst the 16 you picked. Even though it is biased towards 3-wins, there is a 61% chance for a 4.